The Teletubbies of Nazareth

Welcome to Nazareth. No, this is not the town where all of the stories about Jesus take place, this is Belgium. And because it is Belgium, it is far, far from any of the description the town that is in the Bible . Belgian Nazareth has a whopping 6000 residents and has… this… thing..

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This is luckily not someones home, but its the cities nightclub. The beautiful building has a total of 1 reviews on Google, and seeing the outside of this beauty, you probably already guessed it, its a 1 star review. The review weirdly enough doesn’t talk about the building itself, but is complaining that there is mold on the Cola they serve here.

I don’t know what inspired the architect to make this building, all I know is that i am dissapointed in anyone involved in the building progress by actually making this thing reality.

I hope that I didnt make anyone puke by showing this building, but it is a perfect example of why this site exists.